Westlake alums Brees & Foles reunite, this time as Super Bowl MVPs

    Way before Drew Brees and Nick Foles went from overlooked to Super Bowl MVPs, they were multi-sport stars growing up in Westlake. (CBS Austin)

    For current Westlake head coach Todd Dodge, former head coach Derek Long, and the Westlake community, Saturday's Drew Brees-Nick Foles rematch is a win-win situation.

    “I’ll just root for the offenses." Long said. "New Orleans has the ball -- let’s go! Philadelphia has the ball -- alright let’s go!”

    “Every time the ball is snapped something good can happen for fans of Westlake.” Dodge added.

    But way before Brees and Foles went from overlooked to Super Bowl MVPs, they were multi-sport stars growing up in Westlake. A standout tennis player, Brees famously beat legend Andy Roddick at his own game.

    “He would always tells people he attributes his great footwork to being a tennis player.” Dodge explained.

    A decade later, Foles starred on the basketball court. Texas quarterback and fellow Westlake alum Sam Ehlinger credits a competitive culture in the community for the impressive list of former Chaps in the NFL.

    “Ever since you’re a kid it’s what you dream of and what you want to do." Ehlinger said. "Whether it’s playing multiple sports working on becoming the most athletic kid to play quarterback for your class. I think it starts in elementary school. Football is such a big deal in the community that it’s always focused on what are we doing this week to get better.”

    Westlake provided that platform where football eventually won out for each quarterback. Brees recalls watching Foles when he went back for his 10-year state championship reunion. He knew the shaggy haired QB breaking his records was something special.

    “It was actually during the season, it was a Friday night." Brees explained. "I remember flying back and being a part of that homecoming experience. Starting quarterback at the time for my high school was Nick Foles. Funny how things work out.”

    Two different journeys both fueled by overcoming constant doubt. When they meet again on Sunday, it’s a guaranteed win for Westlake.

    “Just going to school there, getting the education," Foles added. "We’ll always be a Chaparral for life and I know there’s gonna be a lot of people in Austin watching this game.”

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