Tim’s Team: Crowder helping former Horns sustain NFL success


Like his days as a Longhorn, and member of the 2005 national championship team, there’s a distinct style to a Tim Crowder workout.

“This is not a country club.” Crowder said. “When these guys sign up they know it’s time to go to work.”

An old school mindset with innovative methods helped Crowder create his athletic training company, Nuclear Athletes. Over the last decade, he’s become one the secrets behind the NFL success of many fellow former Longhorns.

“Everybody’s knocking at Crowder’s door just trying to get the best out of themselves because they know Crowder will do that for them.” Titans linebacker and former Longhorn Brian Orakpo said.

It started toward the tail end of Crowder’s NFL career when he began training Derrick Johnson.

“He was my guinea pig for like three years and after that he started getting crazy results.” Crowder explained.

Heading into year 14 in the NFL, Crowder’s program ensures Johnson develops the durability to produce in his age 35 season.

“Going back to camp I’m like ‘I’m in tip top shape every single year’” Johnson said.

Those results have attracted more veterans like Brian Orakpo, to younger players like Quandre Diggs and Jordan Hicks, to rookies like DeShon Elliott.

“A lot of guys come back and work out with Tim Crowder just because we respect him,” Johnson added. “and this is a family atmosphere when you talk about the Longhorns.”

For his trainees it’s the offseason, but for Crowder this is his season. His main objective: making sure every drill translates back to the football field.

“Rak always say ‘When it gets tough, that’s when the beast comes out’.” Crowder said. “When it gets tough I’m like that guy that says ‘okay, it’s tough right now so it’s time to turn it on some more.’”

If the “beast” comes out in July, it’s likely to come out again on NFL Sundays. And many of the plays you see can be traced back to Crowder.

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