Texas Stars trick-or-treat with cancer patients


On Tuesday, the Texas Stars started a new Halloween tradition. Five members of the 2017-18 roster made sure local kids battling cancer had a place to trick-or-treat.

"When you walk in you’re not sure what you’re gonna see, who’s gonna be there, what they’re gonna be going through." forward Travis Morin said. "To see them smile definitely brightens up your day too."

"Got to talk to them and put a smile on their face and I think they put a smile on our face too." added defenseman Matt Mangene.

Hospital visits are nothing new for pro sports teams, but Mangene has made it a point to be at every visit this season. Bringing a smile to a child’s face means a little something extra to his family these days.

"It just reminded me of the first time I saw my little cousin." Mangene said. "I actually got to meet one of the little kids that has the same exact cancer as her and they kind of looked similar so it kind of got me choked up and emotional."

Mangene’s cousin, Kate, recently beat Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. That victory prompted Mangene changed his playing number from 26 to four - a number that now serves as a tribute to everyone impacted by cancer.

"This is her volleyball number and every game so far I’ve gone out I just remember what she’s gone through and it puts a smile on my face." Mangene said.

And if there’s a return trip after Halloween for the Stars, you can bet you’ll see number four there.

"I know what those families are going through so if I can help them in any possible way I’d love to do it."

A Halloween that turned into a treat for Mangene and the Stars just as much as it did for the kids.

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