Texas ex Malcom Brown's "football family" helped shape NFL success

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    Malcom Brown’s physical stature was always impressive.

    “Big Hulk on the field, that’s definitely Malcom.” Brown’s former Texas teammate Duke Thomas said.

    But the way he moved at 300 pounds left people floored.

    “He was always a superior athlete.” former Texas and Brenham High School teammate Tim Cole said.

    “He was amazing.” former Brenham head coach Glen West added. “In fact, we’d take him to track meets and put him on the sprint relay and he could run.”

    A 5-star defensive lineman, Brown even played tight end in high school. But to fully understand his NFL journey, you must meet his “football” family.

    “I only have one older sister.” Tyler Agnew said. “Then you know, Malcom!”

    Tyler Agnew’s father Craig was Brenham High’s defensive coordinator. After Brown was temporarily dismissed from the team, and his 20-mile trek to school became an issue, the Agnew’s stepped in.

    “It started out one day, two days, then got to the point where ‘why don’t you just stay?’”

    For the rest of his high school career, the Agnew’s basically adopted Brown. Tyler and Malcom became inseparable with Malcom even serving as best man in his wedding years later.

    “It just became where he was part of the family.” Tyler Agnew said. “We’re watching movies, we’re listening to country music driving to school in the mornings in my little Ford Ranger.”

    “He became very familiar with and became very good friends with the Agnew family.” West added. “From that point on his life changed for the better.”

    That turnaround led Brown here to UT where he was a package deal with fellow Brenham star Tim Cole. A Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year award and 1st Round selection later, Brown is making his 3rd Super Bowl trip in 4 seasons.

    “You always watch that atmosphere on TV, but to have someone you grew up with playing in the game is amazing.” Cole said. “It’s something he’s been working on since we were 6 years old.”

    Super Bowls and NFL paychecks still haven’t changed the ole country boy from Brenham.

    “His goals are still the same -- family, football.” Cole added.

    As for the “football family” that helped him stay the course, they’ll be watching like every other Sunday -- oozing with pride. Especially the defensive coordinator who turned into much more than a coach.

    “My dad, he gets into it. He goes ‘WOW, WHAT A PLAY!’....It’s fun to watch my dad watching Malcom because he’s always just so proud of him.”

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