Alliance of American Football denies report of needing $250 million invest to make payroll

    Photo courtesy San Antonio Commanders

    The Alliance of American Football just started its season and the San Antonio Commanders are already a league favorite after winning the inaugural home-opener Feb. 9 against San Diego.

    But there could be trouble on the horizon for the very young league, following a report that the AAF needed a $250 million investment to make payroll during the second week of the season. The AAF denied report of needing the investment.

    Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon handed over $250 million to save the league. He was then named the chairman of the league.

    San Antonio Commanders management said none of the teams in the league are able to comment on the report.

    Our Commanders have been successful compared to the other seven teams in the league. Last Sunday there were more than 29,000 fans in attendance after having 27,000 fans attend the season opener. The average for the rest of the teams in the league is about 19,000.

    We talked to fans this morning who told me they’re not surprised about the growing pains for the league.

    “It’s not for poor people," said Ashley Parrish, a football fan. "It’s not for broke people to get into sports teams and sports ownership, so it’s going to cost some money and but hopefully they’ll be some football contracts with the CBS Sports network and TNT I think I have some TV rights to the league hopefully that’ll smooth things over.”

    The AAF has a league of eight teams, including the San Antonio Commanders, and a 10-week regular season schedule. The Commanders are on the road this week, taking on the San Diego Fleet on Sunday.

    The AAF provided the following statement.

    This investment, like all startups, validates all of the hard work that our team has done to date and it sets us up to focus on execution and growth over the next couple of years. Players were never in jeopardy of not getting paid. We encountered a payroll glitch last week after switching providers. Unrelated situation.

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