“Tradition Begins”: Weiss’s Pfirst State Champ


At Weiss High School everything is brand new.

“I tell the kids all the time they’re pretty spoiled they have the best of the best.” Weiss wrestling coach Charles Holmes said.

And right now, even without a junior or senior class, that includes the best of the best athletes.

“The first gold for Weiss that was always my goal.” Weiss freshman swimmer Ana Herceg said.

Mission accomplished for Herceg. The Weiss freshman recently won gold in the 200-yard freestyle bringing home the first ever state championship for the school.

“Knowing that I did that and I’m a freshman - this is insane and oh my god….It was just amazing honestly.” Herceg added.

Not far behind Herceg is sophomore wrestler and State Finals qualifier, Micah Wiginton, who hopes to make it two-straight state medals this weekend.

“My goal is to go out and wrestle my hardest and I hope to leave with a state championship.” Wiginton said.

“How great would that be to start off a new school year, brand new school, with two state champions?” Holmes added.

Weiss High School’s motto for their inaugural school year is “Tradition Begins”, and these athletes have wasted no time in writing the first chapter and making sure there’s something to fill the school’s now empty trophy case.

“It’s super cool that I’m going to be the one that people are trying to chase after and break records,” Herceg said. “I’ve always been the one that’s been chasing others.”

“It’s extremely rare. You see some of these schools that have been around for a while and they’re established, they’re getting kids to championships.” Holmes explained. “But yeah, first year I think it’s extremely special.”

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