“Purple Blur”: Liberty Hill sticking to old ways to find new success

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For kids from Liberty Hill, the Slot-T offense is all they know.

“They know if we’re a purple blur we’ll be alright.” head coach Jeff Walker said.

As the modern game transitions to pass happy spread offenses, the Panther’s ground attack is more 1960s than it is 21st century -- but it still works.

“We take pride in the offense and when you take pride in the offense and some ownership usually success follows.” Walker added.

And like any offense, success starts up front, just ask running back Kyle Harrison.

“They’re really fast and they’ll pop you, they’ll put you on the turf.” Harrison said.

Last year, Harrison rushed for more than 2,700 yards behind that offense line. Like their scheme, it’s a unit built on speed over size.

“We gotta get on the fat guys before they stand up.” Walker said. “If we can get on the fat guys before they stand up we got a chance.”

“That’s what separates us from those 300-pounders.” We can move off the ball and we can put somebody on their butt in no time at all.” senior offensive lineman Justin Montgomery added.

In this offense, the ‘big’ fellas aren’t overlooked. They know another push towards State isn’t possible without their work.

“They see us on film, but it’s nothing like what you’ll get in real life because once you get on that field it’s a whole different speed,” senior offensive lineman Josh Lapuszynski said. “It’s a whole different game and you don’t know what to do whenever we hit you that fast.”

Many of the current Panthers have vivid memories of the last Liberty Hill state title in 2007, but this team isn’t dwelling on the glory days.

“We don’t talk about them anymore because it was too long ago,” Walker said. “We know it’s happened here and that’s where we want to get, but the past is the past.”

Forgetting and embracing the past all at once. If the Panthers run wild and win it all, it’ll look just like it did back then.

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