Lance's Lift


Cancer knocks you down, but Lance White never let his cancer keep him down. In fact, Lance battled and kept his head lifted along with his spirit. He kept strong with some help from his friends. Growing up Lance wanted to play for the Cedar Park football team, but after he was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the team took him in.

The Timberwolves sent Lance his first "get well" card in the hospital, and reminded him how much Lance meant to the team. It gave him a reason to fight.

Lance returned home and was given an opportunity by the Make A Wish Foundation to pick anything he wanted. He chose not to get, but to give, that's when the Lift Brigade was born. Lance wanted to help kids who are going through what he went through. The solution that came to mind was technology as a distraction.

Lance and his family arrived at the Blood and Cancer Center at Dell Children's Hospital to deliver TV monitors, Playstation consoles, headphones, games and more to give the kids an outlet and escape while undergoing treatment. It was a big hit!

This is just the start for the Lift Brigade, and Lance isn't quite sure what the future holds, but one thing is for sure, Lance won't stop lifting spirits anytime soon.

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