Georgetown baseball's Jared Friemel inspiring another convocation of Eagles

Jared Friemel may not be the coach of the Georgetown baseball team, but he is as much a part of the team as any coach with a clipboard or player with a stat line (Photo: CBS Austin)

Adam Foster is the Georgetown head baseball coach, but he'd better watch his back.

“He thinks he’s the coach, he thinks he’s the manager, he thinks he’s the trainer, he thinks he’s a player.” Foster said.

Okay, Jared Friemel may not be the coach, but he is as much a part of the team as any coach with a clipboard or player with a stat line.

“He’s always cheering for us in the dugout,” Georgetown senior Ryan Neitsch said. “He’ll sing the national anthem with us whenever we get on the line.”

“He is the heartbeat of our team.” Foster added. “It’s hard when he’s not here. He brings so much energy and life.”

Born with Down syndrome, Jared and Foster met when the coach came back to Georgetown and doubled as a special education instructor. From there, a special friendship was forged.

“God provides with opportunities all the time to learn things and I definitely needed a little perspective change and the opportunity to learn some patience.” Foster explained. “It changed me as a coach, it changed me as a person, and now he’s just a member of the family.”

When Foster took over as Eagles head coach six years ago, he found an immediate role for Jared’s relentless passion -- team manager.

“He takes balls to the umpires in between innings. He will turn around and take his hat off and do a little dance and get the crowd all riled up.” Foster explains with a smile.

Again, Jared doesn’t call the shots like a coach. But during another playoff run, the Eagles greatest fan is again teaching his players some life’s greatest lessons.

“It honestly sometimes gets me really emotional sometimes,” Neitsch said. “He’s one of the reasons that we really work as hard as we do. Sometimes there’s just not words to describe it and what he means to us.”

Georgetown continues its UIL playoffs run in the Regional Semifinals against Kingwood Park on Friday.

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