Dripping Springs Football’s “Eye in the Sky”

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    Dripping Springs junior Maverick Walker was dogged in his desire to find a new role with the Tigers.

    “I couldn’t leave the game, I love it too much.” Walker said. “These guys, I’ve built relationships with them, they’re some of my best friends.”

    Two years ago, a serious case of rheumatoid arthritis finally ended his athletic career for good. But then Walker uncovered his way to contribute -- he learned to fly.

    “I tease them a little bit that they get their pilot’s license.” Dripping Springs head football coach Galen Zimmerman said.

    Okay, maybe not literally, but for a second straight year you can find Walker and a team of student managers on the field piloting a pair of drones keeping and watchful eye on football practice.

    “I don’t know if everybody understands just how much goes into a football program and a season.” Zimmerman said. “Friday night encompasses the entire school.”

    The Tigers fancy “Eye in the Sky” adds a new dimension to preparation for the players and coaches.

    “Definitely it’s completely changed the way they view and review their players in practice.” Walker said.

    “The drone angle is incredible, you know what you can get from behind and see the entire field so the line coaches love it.” Zimmerman added. “The secondary and receiver coaches love it because you can always see where the receiver ends up and where the DBs end up.”

    The ability to remain a vital contributor kept Walker in love with the game. So much so, he’s turned his skills as a drone pilot into a side hustle, Maverick Aerial Video.

    “I had a dream.I was like, ‘let’s try it’, so it’s still in the works and still getting up and running.” Walker explained.

    For now though, Dripping Springs Football is still the main beneficiary of Walker’s skill set.

    “He’s the kind of kid that no matter what he’s doing he’s gonna attack it 100 percent.” Zimmerman said of Walker.

    But as for his future, Walker’s setting that bar somewhere high in the sky.

    “It’s a whole different ball game when you see it from the sky.”

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