Daughter of Bum: Dripping Springs coach continues family coaching legacy


    Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips swaggered into Super Bowl week with the ultimate tribute to his father -- iconic cowboy hat and jacket.

    “We talked after every game I coached,” Phillips told NFL Network at Super Bowl LIII Opening Night. “You know, I miss that.”

    But according to Wade, the best coach in the family isn’t teaching a “3-4” defense. Instead, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle.

    Like her father’s legendary wardrobe, Andrea McCarthy’s whistle is unmistakable.

    “If you’re not ready for it and then she’s trying to get someone’s attention, it’s definitely like a ‘ohhhh, okay!’” Dripping Springs swimmer Sean Kelly said.

    “We would have to scream every week at the football game.” McCarthy said. “We are not a quiet family, we are the loud family and we would yell ‘GO’ and scream and I’d lose my voice every week.”

    Andrea McCarthy is in her fourth season back as Dripping Springs head swim coach. The second youngest of the Bum Phillip’s six kids, she can still quote the folksy coach on command.

    “We fail all the time, but you don’t become a failure until you start blaming somebody else.”

    Known as players coaches, Bum and Wade always put relationships first. The Tigers swimmers see the same in their coach.

    “She’s one of the best people I’ve met in my life.” Dripping Springs swimmer Lydia Evans said.

    “I really have come to view her as one of my second mom’s.” Dripping Springs swimmer Katie Evans added. “I went through a really hard time last year, and I just went into her room crying one day and she kicked all of her students out and just gave me a big hug.”

    More hugs capped last season. The girls won Dripping Springs’ first swimming state championship. Yet another contribution to the Phillips coaching legacy.

    “To call Wade and tell him that I won and he was so excited for me.” McCarthy said. “So I got a ring and the next time I saw Wade I wore my ring and compared it to his Super Bowl ring -- it didn’t compare at all -- so I’m hoping Wade gets another ring this year.”

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