Believing in miracles


Gateway College Preparatory School in Georgetown is a small public charter school with 100 to 125 kids in each class. The school was founded in 2009, it's first graduating class finished in 2012, and this year, the gators baseball team is the first to make it to the state semifinals.

Under Head Coach Ryan Kjos, a former Texas baseball player, the gators have made progress in the post season each year, but they are always considered the underdogs. That's where Kjos' inspiration helps the team get through any curve ball thrown their way.

As a kid growing up in Minnesota, Kjos looked up to Herb Brooks, the Head Coach for the USA Men's Hockey team. His motto "play your game," became a part of Kjos' mentality when he played for Texas, and now as a coach at Gateway Prep. The story of the ultimate underdogs continues to push the gators in their quest to bring home the school's first state title.

Gateway Prep will play Wall at 7:00pm on Wednesday, June 7th at Dell Diamond. The 3A championship game is at 12:00pm on Thursday, June 8th.

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