Where's the beef? Texas, OU stay as mum as possible


Back in October Charles Omenihu sacked Kyler Murray, and swung for the fences.

“My coaches saw me swing my imaginary bat,” said Omenihu. “I told y’all when I swung it, it went 450 feet. I’m gonna try to hit Jerry’s big TV up there.”

Celebrating big plays is a big part of Texas-OU. Oklahoma is trying to figure out if "Horns down" is allowed.

“We’re working on some clarification but I will make sure it’s fully clear to our guys what they can and can’t do,” Lincoln Riley told the media Monday.

Meanwhile, we're all trying to figure out what happened to the trash talk associated with the rivalry.

“There’s a lot of things today that you can’t do,” explained the UT quarterback. “There’s a lot more attention and a lot more criticism on everything.”

Sam's shoulder is good. Sam's play against OU is good. Sam's relationship with Kyler Murray though, not so good. Following the Longhorns win over the Sooners in October, Ehlinger and Murray's postgame interaction got a little heated.

“I went up to him to congratulate him on a good game,” remembers Ehlinger.

“If it was the other way around, I would’ve been with my teammates,” said Murray. “If we would’ve won, I wouldn’t have run up to him.”

“I’m not surprised he said that. If you know him, and know of how he is, it’s not surprising. It’s funny to me, actually. I saw it and started laughing,” said Omenihu.

Omenihu was referring to what Murray said Monday. Asked if he respects Sam’s game, Kyler could only chuckle, saying he had “no comment on that.”

Coincidentally a few hours later, Ehlinger tweeted for the first time in a week. Ehligner’s tweet? “Ok cool Hookem.”

Tuesday, asked if he respects Kyler’s game, Sam was ready.

“I'd absolutely love to comment on that. I absolutely respect his game,” said Ehlinger.

And on this rivalry goes, the way a rivalry should. A little talk.

“I guess ol’ boy don’t like losing,” said Omenihu. “But, you lost.”

A little hate.

“We respect them a lot,” said tight end Andrew Beck. “We don't like them, but we respect them.”

And a championship on the line.

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