Texas QBs Ehlinger, Buechele ready to battle for another preseason camp


It’s the most important position on the field, and again two Texas quarterbacks are ready to battle.

“I am excited for this battle we’re about to go through.” Junior Quarterback Shane Buechele said.

When that battle begins, Sam Ehlinger will run with the “1’s” first, but that doesn’t mean he’s starting over Buechele.

“The first snap isn’t going to predict who’s going to play the first snap at Maryland. It really doesn’t matter to either of us and I think it’s going to be a great competition throughout.”

As a true freshman, Ehlinger grabbed the job at points until injuries and late-game turnovers let it slide back to Buechele. Ehlinger’s point of improvement this offseason: protect the ball.

“When you’re just trying to understand yourself it’s really tough to be successful.” Ehlinger added. “But when you understand yourself and now you’re going against somebody and you’re basically playing chess out on the field, that’s when you can take it to another level.”

Herman’s message to Buechele was ‘you’re not the third string violinist, you’re the conductor of the orchestra’, or in this case the Texas offense. Buechele is continuously working to develop a vocal command that doesn’t always come naturally.

“You just have to open up more. You have to kinda find it in yourself and it’s something I’ve done in the team setting, in workouts, and you know it’s really important to be a more vocal leader like the coaches have asked me to do and it’s always been something on my plate that I’ve wanted to do.” Buechele added.

Ideally for Texas, the seesaw battle will lean permanently on one side. Continuity will benefit whoever gets the nod. For the first time in five years, the Longhorns enter preseason camp with the same offensive system.

As for a final decision on will start at quarterback.

“When it becomes obvious.I think the sooner the better for sure.” Herman said.

Two different personalities, two different styles. For now, they’ll battle until one makes it easy decision for Herman.

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