Signing Day 2018: Austin's Ivy League Trio


Austin’s Ivy Signees

December’s Early Signing Period took some steam out of this traditional February date, but a trio of Austin athletes finalized their plan to blossom in the Ivy League.

“For the Ivy Leagues to come down here and recruit heavily in the Austin area means a lot. The competition is legit.” Columbia (Bowie High School) signee Josh Smythe-Macaulay said.

“That was always a dream of mine to go Ivy League and to play Division 1 Football and it came true.” Brown (Hendrickson High School) signee Clayton Perrin added.

For more on these Yale, Brown and Columbia signees, click the video above.

“Kicking for Cash”

It’s also been a great year for kickers in the Austin area as well. Lake Travis’s Cameron Dicker signed with Texas in December and today Vandegrift's Alex Stadthaus signed with USC a year and a half after the Vipers found him through a “kicking for cash” competition.

“It’s like a movie script honestly,” Vipers head coach Drew Sanders said. “There was a basketball player that won the kicking for cash contest, he made like a 55 or 60-yard field goal so I hit him up and said sure I’ll come try and out and the rest is history.”

“Football team recruited me to the team and next thing I know I’m kicking field goals for the team and now I’m standing here a USC Football commit,” Stadthaus said. “It’s a pretty special occurrence.”

Stadthaus will have the chance to return to his hometown, but in the opposing team’s “house” when USC and Texas meet Week 3 in Austin.

“Oh I’m so pumped for that.” Stadthaus added. “All my high school friends here are gonna be going to UT, so that’s a bit of a homecoming for me too. So I’m really excited to go out and beat them.”

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