Louisiana's Longhorn: Roach's return caps trying season

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Don’t let the exterior fool you, Malcolm Roach wanted to make sure his teammates got the best fried chicken in New Orleans.

“I know it don’t sound good, it’s at a gas station," Texas defensive lineman Malcolm Roach said. "It’s a place y’all need to check out for sure."

Roach is helping teammates enjoy The Big Easy’s many offerings this week. On the field, his versatility opens doors for the Texas defense. In fact, it’s almost impossible give him an official position.

“Anywhere they put me I feel comfortable." Roach added. "Plug and play. I’ll play linebacker one snap, go play D-Line one snap, nose guard a snap. You know 3-tech, 5-tech, I’m comfortable wherever they put me.”

Roach’s Louisiana homecoming caps a season filled with lessons. A foot injury against USC required surgery and kept him out five games. And just like a move up or down the depth chart, this wouldn’t keep him from contributing.

“It just showed me how big of a role I play on this team." Roach said. "Going into the film room every day like I’m about to play a game. Getting Taquon Graham ready, getting Joseph Ossai ready, getting Jeffrey McCulloch ready. Just taking them through things I see on the field that they don’t see.”

Roach is expecting at least 20-25 family members at the Sugar Bowl. It’s the Baton Rouge native’s first college game in his home state and one he hopes propels him towards a standout senior season.

“Just having my whole family being able to come see me. Usually just my mom, my dad, my two family friends. But just like being able to have my whole family come see me I couldn’t ask for more." Roach said.

Well, maybe one more stop at Brother’s for a bucket of chicken.

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