Bob's Blog: Texas isn't going 10-2 this year


Texas isn't going 10-2 this year.

Saturday's performance against USC was incredibly eye-opening. The Longhorns were all over the place, playing with a passion and enthusiasm rarely seen around these parts in the last ... seven years.

Rarely. But we've seen it.

Notre Dame last year, Oklahoma two years ago, West Virginia three years ago, Oklahoma four years ago, Ole Miss five years ago, UCLA six years ago, Nebraska seven years ago.

We've seen it.

And then we've seen it followed with inconceivable losses.

This came up today because Cedric Golden asked Herman about a letdown going to Iowa State. Remember: two years ago this program was starting to flip, then lost 24-0 in Ames.

It followed a question I asked about an issue this program's had in those seven years - consistently playing well.

Tom Herman was incredulous at the idea complacency could set in after that loss.

And that is 100 percent understandable.

It's just not 100 percent unimaginable around these parts.

Herman believes if Texas plays like it did Saturday it will win a lot of games this year.

And he's right.

But they won't.

What he doesn't get yet - is what we've seen for seven years. This program doesn't know how to play consistently, and it doesn't know how to avoid a letdown.

I believe Herman will get them there ... just not yet.

Texas isn't going 10-2 this year.

I mean - it's not like they were going to come in and in nine months sprinkle some fairy dust on this team and think they've arrived.

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