Bob's Blog: Black Eye Buckeye


Remember when you were in the third grade and you hated social studies but you still had to make a speech in front of the class but you simply couldn't care less how it went or what grade you got or how it affected anyone else? Urban Meyer was his third grade self tonight. Meyer was a third grader in his prepared statement and a third grader in his maturity level. There are three hundred million points to discuss following Ohio State's three game suspension of Meyer - three games for the man in grade three I guess - but in the end this all goes back to something pretty simple. Forget the semantics and details for three seconds.

Vicitms of domestic abuse are afraid to come forward for a lot of reasons. In this case - college football is big money - and that will scare just about anyone in this situation. Fortunately it didn't scare Courtney Smith. Unfortunately Courtney smith is basically pushed aside with this three-game suspension.

Courtney Smith is also why I used the term third grader to describe Urban Meyer tonight. Why? His reaction to the one question at the press conference - the one single question - that was about the woman who's suffered more than anyone else throughout this.

Reporter: “What message do you have for Courtney Smith?”

Meyer: “Well, I have a message for everyone involved in this – I’m sorry we’re in this situation. And um, I’m just sorry we’re in this situation.”

Whether it was his intention or not, Meyer comes off tonight as smug, arrogant and thoughtless. The audacity of this man to brush off Smith and include anyone - anyone else in that answer besides her - is frankly terrifying. Sure, he's inconsiderate and insensitive - but there is one thing he's not. In trouble.

Anyone out there really think his overall record and his three national championships didn't play a role in this? He had the backing of the entire fanbase and university. Imagine if this was a .500 coach that fans were ready to see gone?

And once again - that's the issue. It's about football. It's not about domestic violence. But it needs to be. Kudos to Courtney Smith for speaking up and hopefully giving victims of domestic violence another voice. Even when others try to keep them silenced.

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