A sister’s love, legendary advice helping Texas State’s Rupp leave lasting legacy

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Randi and Sara Rupp bicker and battle like most sisters. Twins with a lifelong passion for softball, their bond is as unbreakable as their love is unconditional.

“She’s amazing, she’s probably my number one fan.” Randi Rupp said. “She pushes me when I need to be pushed, she tells me how great of a sister and player and teammate I am, and sometimes I need to hear that.”

During their recruitment, the Rupp twins were always a package deal. Randi a top pitcher, Sara her catcher. Four years later, Randi is wrapping up an illustrious career as the Bobcat’s program leader in career strikeouts and wins.

“A goal was never too far out of reach for her.” Sara Rupp said. “She had her dreams and that’s where she was going. She didn’t stop until she was done, and it’s just awesome to see all of her hard work and dedication pay off.”

In addition to the comfort of family, Randi Rupp also elevated herself to the top of college softball while playing apprentice to a legend.

“It was all about Cat Osterman and Jennie Finch growing up.” Randi explained.

Former UT and US Olympic softball great Cat Osterman is in her 4th season as an assistant coach passing down a wealth of wisdom to Texas State pitchers.

“It’s a coach’s dream to have a kid that’s just like ‘give me what you know’” Osterman said. “For her to be such an open book and for her to want to soak it all in, it’s been awesome.”

From open book to record book, it’s not time to self-reflect on her legacy quite yet, so allow others.

“She’s going to be one of the best that ever played in my opinion.” Texas State head softball coach Ricci Woodard said.

“People probably assume because she gets all these records and accolades so she thinks she’s good, I don’t think the kid knows how good she is.” Osterman added.

She may not know, but the Bobcat community is well aware.

“Everyone here at Texas State knows who Randi Rupp is and that’s just an awesome feeling for her because she’s worked so hard to leave that legacy here.”

Now all that's left to add is an NCAA Tournament run.

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