What you need to know about tea and anti-oxidants

Are you getting your daily dose of tea?

Tea has been a part of human culture since the dawn of time. It has always been a delicacy, dating back to when England would import tea from Asia for its simple delights. It has even been dated back as far as the Han dynasty in China (206 B.C.E).

Tea has always seen as an essential component of any diet – especially for the ill or for those of a higher status. Of course, tea does contain caffeine, the stimulant most often associated with coffee. The difference between the two, however, is that tea is more an “art” than a morning boost.

What’s the deal with anti-oxidants?

One of the many reasons people should drink tea is that it contains anti-oxidants. When the average person thinks of anti-oxidants, their minds tend to focus on different berries or juices. The word, for whatever reason, is not often associated with tea, despite the fact that it contains natural body cleansers.

So, what is an anti-oxidant, anyway? It is a substance that can help balance out reactive chemicals in the body. Anti-oxidants that come in the form of tea can either taste very good or very bitter, depending on the strain. Either way, drinking tea can make for a calming – and oftentimes delicious – way to refresh the batteries.

Is “Bubble tea” the right tea for me?

Imagine taking a timeless classic like tea and introducing some texture to make it more fun. That, in short, is Bubble tea, otherwise known as “Boba tea.” Becoming more popular in the 1980s, Bubble tea has been present in most Asian cuisines for quite some time. The tea originated from Taiwan and has since became the staple of Asia culture considering how it is the culmination of the art that is tea making. Over time, people have found ways to add various creams, different versions of sugar, and, in some cases, they even mix the tea leaves to create more soothing textures and flavors.

Teapioca Lounge is able to bring these elements further and further into the American market. The company has created a menu that brings all of the fan-favorites into one place so that they can offer customers their favorite “cup of tea.” Teapioca still pays homage to the original version of bubble tea by brewing fresh pots and offering drinks to those who want to be taken back in time. Over time, more and more people learn ways to add their own personal twists on teas, increasing the popularity. A cup of tea a day keeps the doctor at bay.