What to expect during an eyelash extension application

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Want longer, fuller lashes with zero effort? Eyelash extensions are the perfect solution.

You curl your lashes, apply multiple layers of primer and mascara, and let’s not even get started on how tricky it is to apply falsies by yourself. Making your eyes look glamorous each day is not only incredibly time-consuming but boy, is it hard (beauty is pain, right?).

That’s where the amazing benefits of eyelash extensions come in. If you crave longer, fuller lashes, extensions are the perfect solution. With a short appointment every few weeks, you can completely transform your look and shorten your morning routine.

It’s easy: you meet with a stylist, discuss the look best suited for your eye shape and the health of your natural lashes, sit through a short application, and voilĂ ! You have an #IWokeUpLikeThis look with zero effort.

If you’re interested in getting eyelash extensions, you likely have some questions you want answered before stepping into the studio. Check out the Q&A’s below so that you can confidently walk into your first extension appointment.

Do you have to do anything to prepare for the service?

There are a few quick steps you need to complete before your lash extension appointment. You should remove any eye makeup using an oil-free makeup remover and follow with an eyelash foaming cleanser. Essentially, you want to make sure your eyes are ~au naturel~ before the extensions are added. This ensures a clean canvas for the stylist to properly attach the extensions.

How do you choose the look that you want?

Everyone’s lash preferences are different, and there are plenty of styles out there for you to try. Eyelashes can range in length, diameter, curl, and more. At your appointment, your lash stylist will consult with you to understand the style that you are looking for and what type of extensions are best supported by your natural lash. You can choose from a look that’s almost entirely natural to one that’s full of length and volume.

How long will an appointment take?

Your first appointment will take the longest, so make sure you mark a bit of time in the calendar! You should expect the process to take around 90 to 120 minutes for a full set of lashes and 45 to 60 minutes for a refill. The refills are recommended every two to three weeks.

What’s the application process?

At the studio, you’ll lay on a massage table while ambient music surrounds you. You’ll need to keep your eyes closed throughout the process, so many people recommend bringing a relaxing audiobook or personalized playlist. Some even take a nap! During the application, your lower lashes will be covered, and each extension will be applied one by one to your upper lashes.

How soon can you shower/swim/exercise?

It’s recommended that you minimize your chance of getting wet for 48 hours post application you don’t want the adhesive applied to your eyelashes to come off! Once the adhesive has cured, you can count on your extensions lasting longer. Be sure to steer clear of humid environments like saunas and steamers, as steam and oil can break down the adhesive sooner than you’d like.

Can you still apply mascara to your extensions?

The goal of eyelash extensions is to create a longer and bolder look, so mascara shouldn’t be necessary. However, a water-based mascara can be used on your new extensions for more drama! Remember that your hands have natural oils, so the less you mess with and alter your extensions, the longer they will stay.

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