The Health of Travis County – By the Numbers

What do the numbers say about Travis County?

Where you live and who you live with can be a better predictor of your health than your genetic code. Central Health, the local public agency that helps Travis County residents with low-income access quality care, just released its latest Demographic Report and the numbers are eye-opening.

The 2017 Central Health Demographic Report is a tool to help governmental, nonprofit, and private entities serving people in our community with low income and without insurance. We believe a healthier community is a stronger community.

Central Health partners with nearly 200 clinics, hospitals, and other health organizations including Seton, St. David’s and the Dell Medical School at UT to offer a full range of quality health services to people who’ve historically lacked access to the best healthcare.

The Demographic Report provides a detailed analysis of the people of Travis County, with a particular focus on those living at or below the federal poverty level – the people Central Health serves. In addition, the report provides five-year projections of where and how the Travis county’s population is expected to change.

By the Numbers


Patients receiving care funded by Central Health (about 1 in 10 Travis County residents)


Percent of Central Health patients identified as Hispanic/Latino


Percent of Central Health patients between ages of 19-64


Percent of Central Health patients who are female


Income threshold for an individual considered living in poverty


Income threshold for a family of four considered living in poverty


Travis County residents living below the poverty level


Travis County families living below the poverty level


Central Health patients living below the poverty level

Additionally, did you know in 2022, Pflugerville is projected to have Travis County’s highest concentration of African-American and Asian residents, and the second-highest concentration of Hispanic/Latino residents?

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