Military members are at risk of losing their careers: How this man is fighting back

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If you’re a military member facing serious charges, your representation in the courtroom can make or break your future. That's why you need to know the facts and explore your options—nobody should have to battle military law alone.

Lieutenant Colonel Davis Younts has dedicated his legal career to defending the rights of individuals facing criminal charges, and he’s got the experience to prove it: he served as an Active Duty Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) for 10 years and as the senior legal advisor for The Adjutant General of the Pennsylvania National Guard. But he had a desire to further his legal career.

“I looked around and realized, if I was going to stay in the courtroom and continue to do what I was passionate about, which is defending our military members, I would have to get off active duty and transition to something else,” Younts said. “And that's what I did.”

Younts currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves, and practices criminal defense and military law at Crisp and Associates. To achieve the best possible results for his clients, Younts uses the strategic analysis, focus, and discipline he learned from his military career in the courtroom.

“One of the neat things about my military career is I've had the opportunity to serve as a senior legal advisor at a joint force headquarters to senior leaders, to two-star generals,” Younts said. “And in that capacity, I've learned how military leaders think, how commanders think—and that's your court-martial panel, that's your jury in the military. So, understanding how they think, their education, their training, and what their decision-making process is, is invaluable in the courtroom.”

Crisp and Associates is a worldwide organization, meaning wherever you’re located, they will come to you to try your case. In the military justice system, the trials usually happen where the military members are stationed. And anybody who’s in the business of helping military members needs to be ready and willing to go where the trial is, says Younts.

“You have to understand and have the experience to understand what it's like to be deployed, what it's like to serve in the Middle East, and then to try those cases there as well,” he said. “So if it's the Middle East, if it's the Pacific, South Korea, Japan, wherever the case is happening, wherever our military members are, we will go there and defend them.”

Military members who have been charged with a crime need to retain the representation of an aggressive, experienced attorney as soon as possible. The laws governing military defense differs from civilian cases, so to protect yourself, your career, and your future, you need to work with an experienced, trusted advocate.

In his 16 years of experience, Younts has had the opportunity to cover most areas of criminal defense—from homicide to sexual assault cases. “That is a scary process when someone's life and future is on the line, especially when it's someone who has volunteered to serve their country,” he said. “Military members need to understand that their due process rights are at risk if they don't have an attorney that's willing to stand up to the chain of command.”

Crisp and Associates promises to fight for their clients and will pursue the best possible resolution for every situation. They’re not afraid to go to trial, and they always stand up for their clients’ rights and aggressively defend their freedom.

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