Know your schools: How does KIPP Austin stack up?

How do KIPP Austin Public Schools stack up against the competition?

Questions that arise during the transition from pre-school to kindergarten can be very difficult for parents to answer. As you plan for the year ahead, you may find yourself wondering:

Is transportation provided?

Will my child get rest time like in preschool?

Will breakfast be available?

Is the food healthy?

How close are the bathrooms to the class?

How long is each school day?

Does the school support students with special needs?

Is it easy to contact the teacher?

Most parents begin answering these questions with an online search of their local school options. Others may ask friends or family for recommendations, or they may even go to their neighborhood school for a visit. The one thing all parents should keep in mind, however, is that families in Texas have a wide variety of options to choose from, meaning that they are not limited to choosing the closest school in their area.

KIPP Austin Public Schools is the choice for thousands of Austin area families. This top-rated school provides students with a quality kindergarten education, transportation, breakfast, Spanish-language instruction, wonderful teachers and all the support your child will need to get them ready for college. As the years go on, KIPP Austin empowers students to choose their own career paths and positively impact their communities.

If your son or daughter will be five years old by September 1, 2018, be sure to submit an enrollment application by February 15 at in order to be entered in the lottery drawing on February 23.

Texas charter public schools are tuition-free, open-enrollment, free to innovate and held to strict financial and academic accountability standards. KIPP Austin Public Schools use that freedom to provide weekly professional development to teachers. That way, they can educate over 5,000 students to and through college, regardless of their economic background.

KIPP Austin Public Schools are currently offering tours to show parents their programs, facilities and culture. If you would like to schedule a tour, email, or visit the closest KIPP Austin school.