Do you have a nice digital camera and not really know how to use it?


Taking a photography class is a great way to overcome the intimidating aspects of learning photography.

Getting a new camera is pure pleasure until you get home, take it out of the box and realize how complicated a modern digital camera can be. Taking a photography class is a great way to overcome the intimidating aspects of learning photography and an efficient way to build the skills you need to create the photos you envision.

Modern Cameras

Modern digital cameras are complex. They are packed with features, have tons of small buttons and switches and sometimes seem like they have a mind of their own.

Today’s cameras are designed to meet a huge number of requirements for a wide base of users all over the world – from pros capturing snaps of rare animals to moms taking pictures of their kids’ soccer games. They have complex menus and huge user manuals that often read like stereo instructions.

To further complicate things, the volume of information available online regarding photo training is massive. Information is of varying quality. Sometimes intel from one source conflicts with another source, information is often incomplete and you can never be sure of the degree of expertise possessed by a random YouTuber.

Combined, these considerations make it so that when you open up that box and pull out your brand-new camera, it can be intimidating and even overwhelming.

Taking a Class

Taking a photography class from a reputable provider is a great way to get better at photography, make friends, build a professional network or just stay active. Classes can be great for all skill levels, from beginners all the way to pro shooters that want to learn a new specialty or add a new skill set to their toolbox.

Instant Feedback, Real World Experience and Community

In-person photography classes offer an advantage over online learning because they allow students to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. Questions asked by one member of a group can often help an entire group’s understanding of a topic.

Photo classes also offer an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and develop a network. As you move through your photography experience, having trusted peers to share work with, help find resources - like gear, models, props, locations - and troubleshoot problems with is invaluable. Classes are a great way to develop such a network.

Nearly all photo instructors are or were working professionals. They will have tips, tricks and real-world experiences that you often can’t find on blogs or videos. Furthermore, they often provide contact information and can serve as a valuable real-world advisor if you need advice or help.

Staying Active

Photo classes are a great way to stay active and explore the city as they often require you to get out, walk around and explore your surroundings in a way that not many other pursuits do. They also make great gifts for the creative folks in your life.

Ready to get started? Take that camera out of the box it has been in since Christmas of last year (or the bag it’s been in since your cruise two years before that), dust it off and get to a photo class so you can start seeing the world through a different kind of lens.

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