Discover how a small item can make a big difference for children in need

From now until June 26, you can drop off brand-new toys and supplies for The Rainbow Room at Henna Chevrolet.

When you think about what it means to be a kid, you imagine endless games of kickball on a Friday night, popsicles on a hot summer day, and not having a care in the world.

Imagine if, as a child, all of that was taken away.

The foster children and families in need that are served by Partnerships for Children don’t have the luxury of gifting birthday presents, knowing where their next meal will come from, or if they’ll have a bedtime story to read their kids at night.

That’s where you can help.

Located in the Child Protective Services office is a 24/7 emergency resource center called The Rainbow Room, full of items that a child might need when their family is going through a difficult time. Community members donate about 66 percent of the things in The Rainbow Room, and thanks to those donations, Partnerships for Children can serve more than 650 children every month. But, they’re in constant need of new items.

From now until June 26, you can drop off brand-new supplies for The Rainbow Room at Henna Chevrolet. While anything you can provide is helpful, they’re in need of a few items in particular:

  • Baby supplies. Things like diapers, formula, baby wipes, and car seats are always in high demand.
  • Clothing. New clothing is essential. Something as simple as a pink pajama set can bring a smile to a child’s face.
  • Toys and school supplies. Unfortunately, a lot of kids going through Partnerships for Children do not receive birthday presents, as they’re moving from one foster home to another. Having brand-new toys in The Rainbow Room means a caseworker can come in and surprise a child with something special.
  • Comfort items. Teddy bears and cozy blankets are something that can keep a child calm and feel at home when going through a tough time.
  • Hygiene products. Something as simple as a toothbrush might be an everyday item you take for granted, but toiletries (primarily African American hair care products), are always needed.
  • Gift cards. Don’t have time to buy a gift? Gift cards to clothing stores or superstores are welcome.

“Henna Chevrolet is proud to support Partnerships for Children and The Rainbow Room,” says Mark Rowe, general manager of Henna Chevrolet. By donating to The Rainbow Room, you’ll make an immediate and powerful difference in these children’s safety, health, and comfort. Whether it’s a teddy bear or toothbrush, every item you donate matters.

You can donate new items for The Rainbow Room at Henna Chevrolet from now until June 26. Henna Chevrolet is located at 8805 Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78753. Visit them online at or call 512-961-6977.