5 Lessons an RV Road Trip Can Teach You About Life

Your RV road trip can take you to just about any destination your heart desires, and it can teach you a lot along the way.

An RV road trip is as American as apple pie. After all, the United States is a vast country with more than its fair share of beauty. From sea to shining sea, your RV road trip can take you to just about any destination your heart desires.

The real eye-opener is actually an RV trip’s ability to teach you useful lessons that will carry to all aspects of life. Below are some of the valuable life lessons RV road trips can teach.

1. You’re never alone.

Even if you’re a solo traveler who prefers to be a “lone wolf”, you’ll find many friends along the road because people who travel want to help other people who travel.

You’ll find experienced campers at campgrounds who are eager to help and very friendly, and you can also find tons of useful information on the internet. On an RV road trip, as in life, you’re never truly alone.

2. You’ll sometimes be clueless, but you don’t have to stay that way.

No one comes into this world knowing how to walk, just like no one starts an RV road trip knowing the exact amount of hot water available per shower.

It’s okay to not know the answer to something. Don’t be afraid to ask other travelers your questions or look online – there are plenty of RV forums and Facebook groups out teeming with useful tips, tricks and pieces of advice.

Let your inexperience shine. Get help. Verify help received. Keep going.

3. You’ll experience shifts in perspective.

Going on an adventure means forging ahead into the unexpected, and often the things you encounter will change how you view the world.

On an RV road trip, simple joys like a rest area on the side of the highway can bring the greatest pleasure, while things you thought were important, like sticking to the schedule, can be a hazard to good times. RV adventures teach you to let go of expectations, seize the moment and appreciate good fortune in all its strange forms.

4. You’ll experience the power of positivity.

As in real life, not every moment on an RV road trip will be perfect. Maybe your kids are screaming, bored out of their minds. Maybe your spouse insists on blaring objectively awful music for hours on end. In these moments, stay positive! Find your inner calmness and remind yourself that all unpleasant things will eventually come to an end.

This inner resilience is a great thing to cultivate and will serve you well no matter what challenges life throws your way.

5. You’ll find that good people are everywhere.

Staying in one place for too long can leave you feeling jaded. Your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking. That guy at the gas station cuts you off to get his coffee first. Every. Single. Morning.

On an RV road trip, you’ll find good, helpful people and be reminded that good people are everywhere if you just open yourself up to see them. You can also be a good person by helping other travelers in need, discovering your own power to create positivity in the world.

Creating unforgettable family moments, learning positivity, and meeting great people are just a few of the things travelers experience on RV road trips. Ready to explore or share your RV adventures? Visit to find and rent the RV that will take you on your next adventure or go to to start listing and earn money from renting it out to others who want to enjoy the RV experience.