Austin comedian finds the humor in surviving knife attack

An local comedian is recovering at home after being stabbed by a random attacker in South Austin. (Photo courtesy: Seth Murray)

An local comedian is recovering at home after being stabbed by a random attacker in South Austin.

Last Friday, Seth Murray (known by many online as Seth Goodtime) was walking to a corner store for coffee at Ben White Blvd. and Burleson Rd. when he noticed he was being followed.

Then, what Murray said felt like being punched in the back was actually his random attacker’s first blow with a small knife. “I turned around and said ‘what up, bro’ or ‘wrong person, bro,’” said Murray.

Luckily, Murray was able to get away from the attacker to call 911.

Once at the Hospital, he learned he had five stab wounds throughout his back arm and shoulder that needed staples and stitches. As he was being rolled into the trauma ward, the joke writer couldn’t help but see this as an opportunity for gather material. “I was like ‘if you guys give me drugs someone write down what I say so I can use it.’ That’s like one of the first things I said, and they’re like trying to cut off my shorts,” Murray said.

Murray’s jokes have been bought by Funny or Die, Comedy Central’s @midnight with Chris Hardwick and during the holidays in 2016 Jimmy Fallon read one of his tweets on the tonight show.

So when the comedy world heard one of their own survived a stabbing attack, funds started to roll in on a crowdfunding site to help pay for medical expenses, with Chris Hardwick donating $1,000.

“(I was) shocked, overwhelmed, thankful,” said Murray.

Murray and his girlfriend, Katelyn Renee, said they haven’t yet gone back to their home in Southeast Austin since the attack. Their currently staying with a relative to recover.

“I don’t know I’ll be able to be there,” said Renee about the home she’s stayed in for the past seven years.

A description of the attacker was passed onto police, and as of Thursday no one has been arrested. It’s unclear as to why Murray was attacked. If you know anything regarding the attack you’re asked to call police.

But if laughter is the best medicine, Murray won’t be out of commission too long. “When I posted this on social media everyone was like ‘this is a really good joke,’” said Murray.

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