Who's running in 2020? Shining a light on the potential Democratic strategy

Sunrise over U.S. Capitol, January 7, 2019 (Courtesy: Scott Thuman)

WASHINGTON (SBG) - A new dawn on Washington Monday, shone new light on speculation about 2020 and who’ll be on the ballot.

Already making appearances in early voting states, democratic hopefuls are testing to see if they pull enough support, or cash to unseat President Trump.

From veterans like former Vice President Biden or Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, to newcomers like Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, the landscape is potentially a large one.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said last week, “I’m talking to a lot of people. I’m very interested in considering this race.”

“I think a lot of people get up in the morning and look particularly senators but more generally, they see their face in the mirror as a potential president and, after Donald Trump, who is to say that they’re not,” pointed out John Samples, Vice President of the Washington think tank, Cato Institute.

That could create a large field not terribly different than the G.O.P. had in 2016, with 17 candidates--so many they couldn’t all appear on the same debate stage.

That’s a fear expressed by the home-state newspaper of Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt, begging him not to run again, arguing among many reasons it would “risk dividing the well-fractured democratic party.”

Some believe policies, unlike in some previous elections, may not matter as much this time as persona: likability and the likelihood, they can beat President Trump.

Asked if some voters may sacrifice policy concerns for the sake of someone they think can win, Samples suggested, “I think probably so, because Donald Trump is a person who both attracts some people but also as we saw in the midterms, he repels others, so the personality matters a great deal.”

While that won’t stop candidates from trying to do both--- everything from foreign policy to tax plans to healthcare may be, a bit, more backseat.

Keeping in mind of course, it may not just be democrats who are gearing up. Many experts believe the president could very well face a primary challenger from within his own party.

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