WATCH | Woman fights off sexual assault suspect at Nebraska hotel

(Courtesy: CNN Newssource - KETV; Home 2 Hotel; The Douglas County Sheriff's Office)

Police in Nebraska have captured a sexual assault suspect with a criminal history in three states.

His latest attack took place at a Homes 2 suites hotel in Ohama, Nebraska, last Wednesday.

Surveillance video shows the masked intruder walking through the halls, looking for a possible victim. What he didn't know was... it was all being recorded.

At one point, a female employee working at the front desk is seen walking down a hallway. It was then when the suspect grabbed her and pushed her to a corner.

After a short struggle, the victim fought back and managed to take the man's mask off.

He then took off running.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office says the man is now in jail and is scheduled for sentencing in two other cases later this month.

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