University of Texas graduate, 9/11 survivor among victims killed in Kenya terror attack

(Photo: Jason Spindler. Courtesy of I-DEV International)

An American citizen who graduated from The University of Texas and survived 9/11 has been identified as one of at least 14 people killed in a deadly terror attack in Kenya's capital.

Jason Spindler died Tuesday after Islamic extremists stormed a luxury hotel in Nairobi. He was a CEO and Managing Director for I-DEV International.

It started with the terrorists setting off car bombs, then gunning down unsuspecting victims at restaurants. According to his colleagues, he was having lunch at the hotel when the ambush happened.

Joseph and Sarah Spindler said their son spent his life serving others. When they heard the news of the terror attack, they tried to call Jason who was there for work. "The American embassy told me he had been identified and he was at the morgue," said Joseph.

The Spindlers said their son joined the Peace Corps after surviving the September 11 attacks and was trying to make a positive change in the third world.

"He decided to travel to all these places around the world which are arguably dangerous but he's trying to help them," said Sebastian Barrita, a friend of Jason's from the University of Texas. "He would see an opportunity to help and go there, so again, it's a little ironic that that happened to him."

The terror group al-Shabab, linked to al-Qaida took responsibility for the deadly attack. Now, Kenyans are urging their government to tighten security to prevent any future extremist attacks on their country.

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