School shooting survivor David Hogg denounces claims that he is a crisis actor

(KCAL/KCBS via CNN Newsource)

Student activist and survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, David Hogg, says alt-right conspiracy theories about the shooting "disturbing" and has responded to Donald Trump Jr. endorsing it.

"I think it's just sad, honestly. It shows what a broken state this country's in and how people have lost hope in this country. I'm not an actor. If I could, I'd act in a lot more student films. Honestly, I witnessed this event. Why are you guys doing this to me? I'm trying to be as well-spoken as possible because these politicians won't. I have to be. That's why I think a lot of people are saying this, and honestly, it's like a compliment saying I'm so well-spoken and it's almost like I'm scripted because it's not. I'm speaking from my heart and that's why it sounds that way," he said.

Hogg is one of several students fighting to curb gun violence in the United States after last week's deadly school shooting that left 17 people dead.

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