Kentucky dad, two children die from carbon monoxide poisoning in garage

PHOTO: FOX 17 News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WZTV) -- A public safety group is warning parents of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning after a Kentucky father and his two children died last week.

According to multiple reports, Juvenal Garcia Mora, his 3-year-old son Cruz Garcia, and 8-year-old daughter Mayra, were found unconscious in their garage by a family member on November 28.

Public safety group Kids and Cars says reports indicate the father was warming up the vehicle in the garage while trying to get the kids to school. Both Juvenal and his son were pronounced dead shortly after and his daughter also later died.

Kids and Cars is citing the tragedy as a reminder to parents of the silent killer that is carbon monoxide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the odorless and colorless gas released by running vehicles kills over 400 people each year.

"As more keyless ignition vehicles are sold, we are seeing an increase in these predictable and preventable injuries and deaths," stated Janette Fennell, president of

Parents are urged to have carbon moxide detectors in your homes and never warm up a vehicle or leave it running in a confined space. As many states face winter weather, tailpipes should also be checked they are not clogged with snow or ice as the gas could leak into the vehicle's cabin.

A Go Fund Me page has been launched to assist mother and wife Margarita to help for her family member's funerals.

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