Hundreds of dirt bike riders disrupt traffic in Philadelphia for memorial ride

Picture: KYW

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Large groups of dirt bikes were spotted all over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sunday afternoon.

Police say hundreds of riders were all across the city, riding in memory of a young man well-known for his dirt bike stunts.

Sunday is the fourth anniversary of the death of 23-year-old Kyrell Tyler, known as "dirt bike Rell." he was well known for his dirt bike stunts that he posted to social media.

Tyler was gunned down in Southwest Philadelphia in 2014.

Hundreds of bikers were riding and doing tricks over the Platt Bridge.

A similar scene unfolded earlier in the afternoon in Fairmount Park near Poplar and Sedgely.

Police said most of these vehicles are illegal to drive on city streets, but say they were just monitoring the situation to prevent the large groups of riders from fleeing at a high rate of speed.

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