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Cat allegedly stolen by Airbnb renters

Cat allegedly stolen by Airbnb renters (CNN Newsource)
Cat allegedly stolen by Airbnb renters (CNN Newsource)
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SONOMA, California - A man says hit cat was stolen by Airbnb renters in his neighborhood.

And even though the cat was found miles away, he can't get her back.

We spoke to the emotional pet owner.

"I just want my kid back. I want my friend back. She's my friend," said Troy Ferrell, Sonoma resident.

Troy Farrell is in tears thinking about his cat, Nubbins.

He misses her everyday.

"I'd go outside stressed-out and burned-out and she'd just come running and sit on my lap. She's like my support cat. And they stole her," said Farrell.

The Sonoma man says a Long Beach couple rented an Airbnb two doors down in October.

When they left, he says they took the outdoor cat with them.

Troy was out of town at the time.

When he returned, a vet called him after scanning Nubbins' micro-chip.

"I'm like Nubbins is in Long Beach? She didn't walk to Long Beach nor did she, like, hitch a ride," said Farrell. "You know what I mean? How on earth is she in Long Beach?"

The Long Beach couple apparently took the cat in for a health check.

The vet returned the cat to the couple and asked them to contact Troy - they refused.

"Those are evil people. Those are people without a conscience, those are people without a heart."

Troy filed a cat-napping report with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department.

The clinic that contacted Troy tells me they fully co-operated with the sheriff's department.

A investigator tells Troy they forwarded the case to the district attorney's office.

Three months later, Troy is still waiting for Nubbins' return.

"I don't have kids. She's my kid and she's seen me through so many things, and they took her, and I want her back," said Farrell. "Sorry. Don't mean to be emotional but, I just think of all the millions of times. The second I'd open that door or drive up the driveway or go out back, it's just brrr. There's nubbins just in my lap."

Troy says he won't give up.

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If law enforcement doesn't act, he says he may hire an attorney and a private investigator to get Nubbins back.

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