U.S. Marshals searching for father accused of fracturing son's skull

Jaquan "Jake" Petterson, 21, is accused of fracturing his son's skull. (Photo courtesy: Lone Star Fugitive Task Force)

A two-year-old boy suffered severe head injuries including bruising and skull fractures, now his father, who is accused of hurting him, is on the run.

21-year-old Jaquan "Jake" Petterson took the child out during a visitation in February. When he finally returned the baby boy to its mother a week later -- she found severe injuries.

"These injuries resulted in fractures to the skull as well as bleeding in the brain and bruising throughout the body," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla.

Investigators said Petterson tried to cover up the injuries for a week after they happened, never getting the little boy the medical attention he needed.

"You're dealing with things that can be treated, like a concussion," said Filla. "You're looking at fractures of the skull on a two-year-old child, with a brain that's still being developed. So yeah, any reasonable person who sees these injuries would definitely seek medical attention, and he refused to do that."

When the baby's mother took him to Dell Children's Medical Center, doctors found a long list of injuries they say aren't consistent with a fall from a stroller -- which is what Petterson said happened. Petterson is charged with injury to a child, and now he's on the run.

"We have some things that are indicating that he would be between the lines of Round Rock and possibly the Dallas area," said Filla.

Petterson is 5'10, weighs 160 pounds, and has a set of star tattoos on his arm. If you have any information on him, call the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force at 512-800-4213.

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