Witness to police: Missing child King Jay Davila was last heard crying on January 3

    King Jay Davila (SBG Photo)

    UPDATE: San Antonio police say Christopher Davila led them to the body of his child, King Jay Davila, following a week-long search for the missing boy. The body of a baby was apparently recovered in the area of I-35 and Rittiman Road, according to arrest papers.

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    Missing child King Jay Davila was last heard crying on the night of January 3 and was last seen by a witness in a car seat on January 4, according to an arrest affidavit released on Friday morning.

    The affidavit details what is known about the disturbing case. SAPD Chief William McManus said on Thursday that police believe King Jay is dead and that three people, including King Jay's father, Christopher Davila, his paternal grandmother Beatrice Sampayo, and Davila's cousin, Angie Torres, staged a kidnapping to cover up foul play.

    The child remained missing as police spent much of Thursday night and Friday morning searching an area behind an H-E-B warehouse on the northeast side. Police did not indicate whether anything was found.

    However, SAPD did release some information regarding the case. Here is what we know, according to the affidavit:

    Officers spoke to three witnesses in the case, including one witness who said he stayed at Davila's house on the night of January 3. He told investigators he heard King Jay crying that night. He also said he last saw King Jay in a car seat on the next day, January 4, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.

    Another witness said Davila arrived at his mother's house before the staged kidnapping. The witness said he saw Torres look into Davila's car and that she "had a shocked look on her face." When the witness tried to look into the car, he was reportedly told by Davila to get back inside the house.

    Yet another witness told officers he heard Davila and Sampayo talking before the staged kidnapping. The witness described them as "visibly upset and crying." He also saw them hugging and told investigators it was unusual because they "do not normally hug," according to arrest papers.

    When King Jay's father, Christopher Davila, first reported him missing on the night of January 4, he claimed he left his car running at a food mart along Enrique Barrera Parkway and that someone stole his car and kidnapped King Jay who was in a car seat.

    Police later identified a woman spotted on surveillance video taking the car as Davila's cousin, Angie Torres. When investigators spoke to Torres, she said King Jay was not in the car and that she left the car near Rodriguez Park and disposed of the car seat. That is where the car was later found.

    Investigators also believe Davila's mother, Beatrice Sampayo, drove Torres to the food mart, according to the arrest report. The report also references surveillance video which they say showed Torres and Sampayo trying to get rid of the car seat.

    Davila, Torres and Sampayo were all charged with tampering with evidence.

    Christopher Davila (center), his mother Beatrice Sampayo (right) and his cousin Angie Torres (left) are charged with tampering with evidence in the case of missing child King Jay Davila. (Photos provided by Bexar County Sheriff's Office)

    Police later searched Davila's home and stated they found "biological evidence," although the affidavit does not state what evidence was found.

    We've learned Davila appeared before a magistrate judge on Friday morning to face a new charge of injury to a child. Police sources said they believed charges against Davila could be upgraded as the case develops.

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