Williamson County uses robot for suspicious package call

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office had to use a robot and bomb sniffing dogs for a suspicious package call Wednesday.

After three package explosions in Austin this month - two in the last week - all of Central Texas is in a panic, with the suspect or suspects still on the run. On Wednesday, the Williamson County Sheriff's Office had to respond to one suspicious package call with their robot and bomb sniffing dogs.

Sheriff Robert Chody says they normally go to these lengths will all suspicious package calls, but given the circumstances with this particular package, he felt it was best to take all possible precautions.

"In this case we could not identify markings on the package. It was in a conspicuous place, as well as the resident was the one who called in the package, and wasn't expecting a package," Chody said.

Chody says his department took these measures because it is so recently after the two explosions Monday, which killed one teenage boy, and the explosion on March 2 that killed a 39-year-old man.

This call turned out to be nothing. After the robot moved the package and turned it around, they found a marking with an address and a name not from the area.

"So we started to think that it fell off the truck," Chody said.

Chody posted a video of the operation on his Twitter page.

Williamson County neighbors who saw the video say they were concerned at first after seeing it, worried that means an explosion may hit close to home.

"I have two grandbabies now, so it alarmed me more than usual," said Marjorie Morris.

Morris also says she's glad Chody posted this video online, because it lets the community know how seriously the Sheriff's Department is taking these calls.

So far this week, the Williamson County Sheriff's Office have responded to around 30 suspicious package calls. They had zero such calls last week.

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