WilCo Sheriff's Office, FBI dig in Georgetown field as part of criminal investigation

Williamson County Sheriff's Deputies and other agencies were digging in a Georgetown field earlier on Monday. (Photo courtesy: Nick Maiorelle)

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office is conducting what they're calling a "criminal investigation" in Georgetown.

It's happening in a field alongside SH 130 and Hwy 971.

The investigation involves digging equipment, and it appears there are investigators digging in multiple locations.

Sheriff Robert Chody tweeted that the activity is a joint investigation of a past criminal case, and that the public is not in danger.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office said they are investigating that location after "receiving a tip," but would not comment further.

Photos show FBI agents participating in the investigation.

WilCo would not comment further, only that the investigation is happening after they received a tip.

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