VIDEO: Would-be Houston robbers try to snatch woman's purse filled with $75K in cash

(Photo/video: CNN Newsource, KTRK, Harris County Constable's Office)

In Houston, robbers tried to steal a woman's purse full of cash, but she held on tight.

The victim had just withdrawn $75,000 in cash.

In the surveillance video from a Valero gas station on 290, one man is seen going straight for the purse--but the victim fights back.

Her husband comes to help, but then another suspect pulls up and runs over over the couple with a vehicle.

Throughout the duration of the attempted robbery, the woman held on to the money.

A nearby deputy witnessed the attack and arrested one of the men -- identified as 31-year-old Davis Mitchell, while another ran off.

Deputies are also looking for two others they think are involved.

The robbers did not make off with all the money.

The woman is in the hospital in critical condition, but she is expected to recover.

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