UT student wins Beyoncé photo contest to attend Grammy Awards

A University of Texas student is getting ready to fly to Los Angeles to attend the Grammy Awards after he won a photo contest when The Ellen Show came to campus Thursday.

"I called my friend and was like, 'Hey should I skip class? I really want to do this; I feel like I should,'" said Collin Wang.

When he heard dressing up like Beyoncé could win him a trip to the Grammys, he knew he had to go all out. "I wanted something that was going to stand out from everyone else," Wang said.

The challenge came just as Queen Bey graced Instagram with her pregnancy announcement. The challenge was to recreate that photo, but Collin wanted to do something different.

"She had like multiple photos, one was in water," Wang said. "It kind of happened instantaneously and we just ran to the fountain."

He channeled his inner Beyoncé and recreated her underwater photo. "It was a 15 or 20-minute process because it was really hard to hold my breath under there," he said.

It was worth the effort. He snagged the two tickets and will be rubbing elbows with the stars come Sunday night.

"I don't know what to expect yet since it's the Grammys," Wang said. "Normal people don't normally go to the Grammys."

He says he's going to try and keep his cool around the celebs. But first order of business is finding something to wear.

"I tried searching stuff like, 'what do you wear to the Grammys if you're not a celebrity?'" Wang said.

We know he has at least one outfit even Beyoncé would approve of.

You can watch the Grammys on CBS Austin Sunday.

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