UT student accused of drunk driving after crashing into restaurant

A UT student is accused of driving drunk and crashing her car into the Poke Bowl restaurant near campus. (Photo credit: Poke Bowl Team)

A student at the University of Texas is accused of driving her car into a restaurant while drunk earlier this week.

According to the UT Police Department, two officers on patrol in the 2900 block of Rio Grande were discussing an earlier event when they heard tires squealing followed by a loud crash.

The officers saw that a vehicle had crashed into the front of the Poke Bowl Restaurant at 2828 Guadalupe St. and had come to stop in the bathroom.

The police officers noticed the female driver, a UT student, was still in the vehicle and attempting to put the car reverse in order to leave the scene, but the restaurant had collapsed around the car, preventing it from moving.

Officers ordered her to get out of the vehicle, but debris prevented the doors from opening. One of the officers broke a window with his baton to allow the female driver to exit the window.

When the driver was removed from the vehicle, the officers suspected she may be intoxicated, as she argued with the police officers and demanded an immediate breathalyzer test.

According to UTPD, the officers told the driver that the Austin Police Department would be responding, since it was in their jurisdiction.

Police say the female explained she was a UT student and would only be interacting with UTPD. Police say when she was told they were UTPD, she tried to snatch her identification from an officer's hand.

Given her behavior, the UTPD officers made the decision to place the female under arrest. When they attempted to handcuff her, she violently pulled away and proclaimed "I'm a UT student! You can't arrest me!"

Police say they asked the female if it was her intention to fight the police, and she responded "yeah!"

Officers were able to arrest the female and place her into the back of a patrol car, where she began to kick at the windows and the doors of the vehicle.

She was restrained, and taken to the Travis County Jail.

Poke Bowl says they will be closed until the damage is repaired.

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