University of Texas freshman who went viral with final exam video still in shock

UT freshman Ann Mark is still in shock that this video of her talking about the pitfalls of her first college exam, from forgetting a blue book to running into a glass door, garnered millions of views on social media (Photo/video courtesy: Ann Mark)

UPDATE: Ann Mark tells CBS Austin that she received a 77% on her final exam, finishing Intro To History Of World Cinema with 81% (a B).


University of Texas freshman Ann Mark says she’s still in shock after a video she posted on Twitter went viral, gaining millions of views overnight.

The two-minute rant describes what most people are calling the “worst case scenario” when it comes to college finals.

“I had no idea that series of events would play out that day,” says Ann.

In the video, Ann says the morning of her very first college final exam started by forgetting a blue book.

“You have to go and buy special paper so that your professor can read it because apparently they're illiterate when you write on notebook paper,” says Ann.

Ann then describes realizing she was in the wrong classroom, running into a glass door head-on, and then discovering she was at the wrong building again.

With one minute to spare, the UT freshman was able to take the final exam.

“I definitely brought it on myself,” says Ann.

She tells CBS Austin the whole thing taught her a valuable lesson: go to class.

After watching the video, UT President Greg Fenves offered to give Ann Mark free bluebooks for the rest of her time in college.

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