UT comes together to honor Harrison Brown's memory

Harrison Brown was fatally stabbed at the University of Texas campus on May 1. (Photo courtesy: Brown family)

The Lone Star flag was lowered on the main mall of the University of Texas campus Friday, to the sound of a single trumpet playing 'Taps.'

"Today we are gathered here to honor the life of Harrison Brown, and to let his family know that he will always be remembered as a Longhorn," UT President Greg Fenves told the crowd of students, faculty and staff.

Brown was fatally stabbed on campus on May 1. Friday, six months after his death, UT gathered to remember and honor him. "We have no choice but to follow my brother's example. You see, my brother was a leader," said Harrison's older brother, John Brown. "Harrison led his life by way of love."

It was also a chance for the Ransom Notes -- a singing group to which Harrison had belonged -- to honor the freshman through one of his passions, singing.

Another student who was on campus the day of the stabbing says answers have come over time, but Harrison won't be forgotten. "The first few months were pretty rough. Kind of just sat there, like, why did I live and Harrison had to go," he said. "I hope that we don't sit here mourning his loss, rather being thankful that such a great kind and loving person such as Harrison lived."

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