US Marshals apprehend Central Texas fugitive with lengthy criminal record

Mike Cortez, 41 (Photo courtesy: Lone Star Fugitive Task Force)

UPDATE: The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force says Cortez has been arrested.


A man with a long, violent criminal history is on the run in Central Texas -- and authorities are calling him armed and dangerous. Mike Cortez, 41, has a criminal history dating back to 1993.

"Ever since in the early 90s he's been arrested over 9 times for aggravated assault, engaging in criminal enterprise, murder, drug violations, and other things," said Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Darren Sartin.

Most recently he served time for evading arrest with a motor vehicle -- but has been missing since he violated his parole in February 2017.

"They're going to have assistance from other possible gang members, other drug associates who can help them hide and move around to different houses or different areas of town," said Sartin.

Cortez is well known to law enforcement. They call him a career criminal.

"People like this, it's hard for them to get out of that way of life," said Sartin. "I think that's what he's known all his life, he's not trying to change, he's just trying to hide."

Cortez is 5'6, weighs 260 pounds, and has tattoos all over his body. Officers say the public won't be safe until he's off the streets.

"He's a threat to the public, he's also a big threat to law enforcement. With his criminal history and he's known to carry a firearm, we need to get him in custody, he needs to go back and face the charges that he has. Neighborhoods will be safer, and law enforcement will be safer with him in custody," said Sartin.

If you have any information on Mike Cortez call the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force at 512-800-4213

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