UBER Driver Charged With Unlawful Restraint

An UBER driver has been charged with unlawful restraint after a woman claimed he tried to rape her. According to Travis county affidavit records, a woman they call Regina requested a ride from the UBER app. After driving her to her destination, Regina told the driver she no longer needed his services. Regina says the driver, Michael, was still outside and when she left.He then told her he would take her back home. Regina agreed, but instead of taking her home, he drove to his own apartment and told her to get out and come inside. Regina told police she was afraid for her safety since he did not drive her home.Police say that Regina went into Michael's apartment; he locked the door behind him and made her sit on the couch. Michael then started to rub her back and inner thighs. The affidavit says he also then forced her to hug him. She says he refused to take her home, and she felt as if she could not leave. Court documents say she felt as if she tried to leave, he would harm her or rape her. Regina says she feared for her life. According to documents, Regina was able to convince Michael to take her to the original address to get money from an ATM, where she was then able to call 911. The UBER driver was charged with unlawful restraint and placed under arrest on a $25,000 bond.

Photo Courtesy MGN Online

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