Man, child found dead from gunshots in SW Travis County

(CBS Austin)

The Travis County Sheriff's Office says two people were found dead Monday morning at a home in the 8000 block of El Dorado Drive.

According to a TCSO spokesperson, deputies responded at 5:44 a.m. for a welfare check.

Authorities say “exigent circumstances” allowed deputies to enter the home to make sure the residents were OK. That’s when they found the two victims.

TCSO spokesperson Kristen Dark said one adult male and one child were found dead, both with gunshot wounds.

Neighbors tell CBS Austin a man recently started renting the home on El Dorado Drive about nine months ago.

“Most of the time in our neighborhood we wave at each other when we are walking,” said Margaret Covell, who has lived on El Dorado Drive since 1984.

But she said the man renting the home where the bodies were found was not interested in getting to know the neighbors.

“He would just drive in and would look down, wouldn’t say hello when we tried to engage him in conversation,” Covell said.

According to Travis County records, the home is owned by MPJ Properties LLC.

Investigators haven’t identified the man and child who were found dead, but say there was cause for concern inside the home.

“The deputy had reason to believe that somebody’s life might be in danger and that would give cause to enter the premises,” Dark said.

Deputies say this is an isolated incident and don’t believe anyone else is in danger, but haven’t said who they think the shooter is.

This case is under investigation.

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