Two arrested in April shooting outside NW Austin poker club

(PHOTO: Austin Police Department).png

Austin Police say they've arrested the people responsible for a shooting last month outside an Austin poker club. That shooting left one man injured with what were described at the time as life-threatening injuries.

One of the suspects arrested was Charles Clines-Martinez, 24. Police say he wasn't the shooter but was a contract worker at the Texas Card House at the time.

Texas Card House is in a busy shopping center on US 183 near Anderson Mill Road. But it wasn't nearly so busy at 4:00 AM on April 30 when two people left the club and started crossing the parking lot. Austin Police Detective Steven Nash explains, “When they left the establishment they were approached by a suspect we believe to be Jermaine Patrick Spirlark (age 41) and one of the victims was shot during that robbery."

Police didn't name the person who was shot coming out of the club, only to say he's recovering and is already out of the hospital. But Detective Nash says there is a lesson learned here. He says, “Anytime you're around an establishment at 4 o'clock in the morning and you have an establishment that deals with money or anything of monetary value it's always wise to be cautious of your surroundings and be aware of what's going on."

It's seems like this would be a simple case but Austin police say they needed some digital forensics expertise. And because the alleged shooter lived in San Antonio that got Bexar County authorities and the San Antonio swat team involved in his arrest.

Martinez and Spirlark remain in Travis County Jail and are facing aggravated robbery charges.

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