Trial continues for man accused of murdering UT freshman Haruka Weiser

Meechaiel Criner, a 17-year-old foster care runaway at the time of the killing, faces a sentence of life in prison if convicted. (CBS Austin)

Meechaiel Criner paid close attention during day two of testimony in his capital murder trial Thursday. In the afternoon, prosecutors focused on surveillance video that showed a man moving around the University of Texas campus the night Haruka Weiser was murdered in April 2016.

From grainy ATM video showing a woman carrying a pizza box followed by a man, to video from the loading dock of a campus building showing the man loitering -- then disappearing about the time the woman with the pizza box was followed, then back to the loading dock where the man stands for minutes before following another person onto the bridge toward Waller Creek -- a UT security camera technician testified that the man seen in the videos is the same man. Not only that, he goes missing from any campus surveillance video from about 9:40 that night until 11:25.

Early in the day Thursday, a homicide detective testified about the trail of blood and clothing that led to Weiser's body along Waller Creek. "I just think because of the way that ligature was around her neck, she wasn't able to fight" Detective Ray Tynes testified.

Day three of testimony is expected to begin at 8:30 Friday morning. Even if he is convicted, Criner is not facing the death penalty because he was 17 at the time of the crime.

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