Travis Heights homeowner files short term rental lawsuit

Travis Heights homeowner files short term rental lawsuit (CBS Austin)

A lawsuit served Wednesday states a Travis Heights homeowner is seeking compensation after his neighbor and a rental company have been renting out a home without a short term rental permit.

Robert Reeves said he found his "forever home" in 2009 off Riverside drive in South Austin. But according to a lawsuit recently filed, Reeves' across the street neighbor has been renting out a four-story home, at times, without a short-term rental permit for $2,000 a night since April 2014.

The lawsuit states in 2013, the defendant obtained a short-term rental permit and began renting out the property to “large, loud” groups of render. All STRs are set to expire one year after issued. The suit states that a year later, the defendant sold the property to “an entity he owned” expiring the STR according to city code. The defendant continued to operate the STR to the “Detriment of Mr. Reeves, his family, and other neighbors.”

Reeves said loud noise forced him to rearrange where his six-year-old son sleeps.

“On the weekends it looks like Rainey Street, it looks like South Congress, it’s unacceptable,” said Reeves.

The lawsuit states in March of this year, the defendant repurchased the south Austin property off Riverside drive and operated it as an STR without a license. Then in July, the property was advertised by a rental company as available to rent to parties of 12. Later that month, the lawsuit cites there was party so large Reeves couldn’t access his home because of the excessive amount of cars parked around the neighborhood.

CBS Austin wasn’t able to get a hold of the property owner and the rental company didn’t want to comment but confirmed they were aware of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit said the house is a public and private nuisance and the parties have cause damage to the quality of life for Reeves and his family. He’s suing for at least $100,000, no more than $200,000.

However, Reeves said “it’s not about the money” he would rather the city look into how STRs are issued to property owners.

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